At your service

Pension provision is an increasingly important concern for the Swiss. Simultaneously, due to the evolution of lifestyles and demographic, economic and political issues, it is becoming an increasingly complex subject. In this context, our choice is resolutely that of proximity, listening and dialogue, in order to fully understand your needs and to bring you adapted solutions.

  • Proximity as a value
  • An availability to answer you
  • A willingness to understand your needs

Your privileged interlocutor

Whether you are a broker, an independent asset manager, a Wealth Manager; whether you are a company director, a HR manager or a member of a board of trustees; whether you are a self-employed or a private individual, our goal is to be your privileged interlocutor and to understand your situation. What is your need and how can we meet it in a meaningful way ?

Occupational and individual pension plans

The lemania platform now offers a complete portfolio of solutions covering both occupational and individual retirement plans. The goal is always the same: to offer beneficiaries as much choice as possible so that they can actively manage their retirement and prepare for the future. Find out more about the lemania solutions we offer to pension players.

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