financial intermediaries

Brokers, EAM and Wealth Managers

We are developing highly complementary relationships with financial intermediaries. Brokers are generally very comfortable with pension scheme, but less so with the financial markets and investment issues. Independent asset managers and wealth managers, on the other hand, are very familiar with the financial markets, but less so with pension scheme. Our goal is to work with these key players through a B2B2C approach to create value for our common stakeholders.

  • Proximity as a value
  • Highly qualified pension specialists at your disposal in the lemania pension hub
  • B2B2C approach

Our solutions for asset managers and brokers

Our occupational pension solutions that may be of interest to financial intermediaries (banks, insurance companies,EAM) range from the 2nd pillar to the 3rd pillar, including 1e plan (“Bel Etage”)  and vested benefits.

A pool of pension providers

Thanks to its pool of providers, the lemania platform is able to cover all pension needs with dynamic and reliable solutions. All of our providers share a common vision and values and are monitored by a supervisory authority, as required by law. You can find out more about these providers by visiting their websites. We remain at your disposal for any further questions

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