Open architecture

The platform has been designed to meet best practices regarding independence and transparency; essential aspects for a B2B approach.

The governance is structured along three axes: the Investment Committee, the Marketing Committee and the Business Development.

Chairman of the Investment Committee

Jean-Sylvain Perrig, Founder and Managing partner, Premyss SA

Head of the Marketing 

Laurent Pittet, Pittet Communication SA

Members of the Marketing Committee:

Laurent Pittet, Pittet Communication
Guillaume Duvernay, Mirabaud & Cie
Frédéric Leguillon, Gonet & Cie
Pierre Lingjaerde, Senior Independent Advisor
Frédéric Luyet, Senior Independent Advisor
Vadym Lupo, Aromed


Head of business Development

Roxane Ecoffey, Pension Fund Advisor


lemania – Board of Directors

The management of the platform is supervised by the FLLP Foundation.
The Board of Directors is composed of partners of the platform and independent partners.

Chairman of the Board

Alexandre Michellod, Gonet & Cie

Vice Chairman of the Board

Roxane Ecoffey, Gonet & Cie

Members of the Board

Me Alexandre de Boccard, OA Legal
Laurent Pittet, Pittet Communication
Nicolas Gonet, Gonet & Cie 
Louis Fauchier-Magnan, Mirabaud & Cie


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