The preservation of pension savings and their capitalization is a central combination in the private pension solutions offered by the lemania pension hub. Based on a truly open architecture, a free choice of investment strategy is systematically offered to pension fund members beneficiaries (lemaniaPLP, lemania3a, lemania1e lemaniaduoflex).

This is done in a context of clarity, trust and quality. All of our licensed asset managers have extensive expertise and experience in the field of institutional investment (the management of pension fund investments). They are also licensed by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) to manage collective assets.

  • An imperative of clarity, trust and quality
  • Experienced and recognized managers
  • A true open architecture

Ordinance governing investments

It should be remembered that, in the field of pension funds, investments are highly regulated. An ordinance governs them: the OPP2, ordinance on occupational retirement, survivors’ and disability benefits of April 18, 1984. In particular, this ordinance specifies the type of investments in which the insured’s assets may be invested, and in what proportions.

Four lemania investment strategies

In terms of investments, lemania’s strategies are organized around four risk budgets that differ in terms of expected performance and accepted risk. Depending on his profile and objectives, the investor chooses the strategy that suits him.

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