Constitution of an individual savings 3rd pillar a dynamic based on the capitalization

In Switzerland, the tied 3rd pillar (or individual 3a pension) is the means for everyone to strengthen their pension coverage while benefiting from the legal and fiscal conditions of the BVG.

The Federal Social Insurance Office (FSIO) sets the maximum allowable payments each year and publishes them on its website.

For 2023, they are fixed at CHF 7’056.- for employees affiliated to a pension fund.

Employees who are not affiliated to a pension fund can save up to 20% of their annual income, but no more than CHF 35’280.-.

The “lemania3a” solution allows you to build up private pension savings dynamically thanks to the free choice of BVG investment program, which can be combined with individual risk cover:



  • Free choice of BVG investment program
  • Individual risk coverage
  • Tax-free savings as long as your assets remain invested in the foundation
  • Highly qualified 3rd pillar specialists at your disposal

Highly qualified 3rd pillar specialists at your disposal

Whether you are a consultant, broker, certified pension expert, CFO, HR manager or SME owner, contact our 3rd pillar specialists at the lemania pension platform. They will be happy to provide you with information on the “lemania3a” solution for private pensions.

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